dinsdag 8 juni 2010

My personal favorite beauty products Part I

Cause there are so many great products, I want to share with you my favorite ones!
Have to say it changes every now and then, sometimes I add a new product to my collection I really like, but for the most part these products I use on a daily basis.
  1. Pink Blush by Chanel
  2. Miss Dior Chérie
  3. Bronzer by Chanel
  4. Lipglass by MAC
  5. Daycream by Biotherm
  6. Mascara by Maybelline
  7. Hair product by Sebastian
  8. Brush by The Body Shop
  9. All over blush by Sephora
  10. Hairproduct by RedKen 5th Avenue

I would like to elaborate about some of the products. My most favorite daycream is Biotherm Aqua Source non-stop. Ever since I started using this cream I have better skin than ever.
My skin used to be very dry, but I was blown away by the result after using this cream.
Also MAC Lipglass comes in many amazing colours but what I most like about this lipgloss is that it stays! It survives eating, drinking basicly almost everything.
As you can see I mix high-end products with budget products. You can tell that the high end products are more sophisticated but not necessarily always better. It's just that the high-end products usually have the more expensive ingredients. Also I am a fan of budget products but ofcourse it depends on the quality. My favorite budget brands are NYX, Maybelline, Sephora and Bourjois.
What are you're personal favorites?

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