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Welcome to my personal beauty and lifestyle blog Influence!

In 2009 I first started blogging, though I was blogging at that time for a different, under a different name and URL. But I was not contempt with the name or the style I choose to quit and start a new blog a year later. In june 2010 I launched Influence.

Influence is a beauty and lifestyle blog with a very personal touch. I choose deliberately to write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and any other topic that interests me. This way I do not have to limit myself to just one subject. The name Influence is based on inspiration. Just like when you see something that is breathtaking it has a way of influencing you. So therefore Influence stands for the impression that things can make. So you can be influenced by style, beauty or whatever it is that makes impression on you. I get inspired from so many different things and it is my pleasure to blog about it!

About me

My name is Roos and I am born on the 25th of september in 1988. My original roots are from Colombia, where I was born, but I was raised in The Netherlands, where I currently also live.
In august 2011 I graduated and received a Bachelor Degree for Media, Information and Communication. I studied on the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, my major was Writing and Editing. Ever since the age of 12 I wrote my own little stories and articles. During my study this love of writing advanced and I also found a passion for (art) designing and photography. On this blog my passions come together as one. I searched for a platform for my creativity and so my blog was born.

Aside from being a blogger, I am a beauty addict, film junkie, social media fan and I like photography. Though I started my blog as a hobby, since the launch it also brought me so much opportunities. Thanks to this blog I can do what I love: writing articles, testing products, meeting with interesting people from the press and such and working with social media. These experiences are priceless and I am thankful everyday for the experiences that I can be a part of and the joy that blogging gives. And it all would not have been possible without my readers, for who I am eternally grateful!!


Travel. I love to travel! Unfortunately I cannot do it very much as I would like. But I love meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. On my travel wishlist? Currently that is Rome, Stockholm and ofcourse New York!

Social media. It’s not just a part of my job but also something I really like. I like learning a lot about this  phenomenal. Therefore I read a lot of books and blogs about this subject. My recommendation is the book Engage! By Brian Solis.

Food. For me good food is like a special experience.  Something to look forward to and to enjoy. I have a lot of favorite foods, but I especially like Italian food. I cannot live without good pasta!

Movies. I absolutely love movies! Whether it’s comedy or arthouse: I have very various taste. As a true movies fan I also love the classics. My favorites are: La Dolce Vita, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca and Roman Holiday.

Beauty/Fashion. What is not to love? Truth be told: I am more into beauty than fashion. I am also not a fashion victim, though I do enjoy clothing and accessories.  A brand is just a name, it is the story behind the brand and the vision that strikes my interest.

Books / Blogs/ Magazines. I live and breath media. Always been like that. That is why I love reading so much. Not just to educate myself but also to get inspiration or to entertain myself.

At last I would like to thank you, my dear visitors, that you’ve taken the effort to visit my blog. Whether it is the first time you visit or you come here often, I am happy with every visitor that comes to Influence. You guys are truly the best.  I want you to know that I read every comment on my blog with pleasure. In case you have a question for me, do not hesitate to contact me!
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