vrijdag 11 juni 2010

Essie Missmatched and Haute as Hello

Today I was very happy when I received my delivery from The Boozyshop.
Unfortunately Essie Pretty Edge was completely sold out but I was lucky to order two colors I really liked! And I got it with a great discount!
As I've may have mentioned before Essie is probably one of the best nailpolish there is. Along with OPI these nailpolish are being used by professionals.
First up is Essie Missmatched: I was a little surprised cause the colour turned out to be a little lighter purple than I had expected. Still this is a great summer color, also the color purple is being seen a lot on the runways these days. I like this match this color with more nude and neutral clothing so it pops out a little more.
I'm not exactly a patient person, so putting on nailpolish is kind of a thing for me. Usually I mess up easily cause I simply forget after a while that the nailpolish has not been dry yet.
But what I like mostly about Essie and OPI is that it not only looks good but it's quickly dry!
I only made a picture so far of the Missmatched tone, soon I will post the NOTD Essie Haute as Hello. This color is more of a coral pink and I choose this color cause it looks pretty good with my olive skin. I'm very happy with the nailpolish, unfortunately Pretty Edge was not available anywhere so I think I will buy a green/mint color from OPI!

Btw; unfortunately my nails are this short cause my contact lenses can shred to pieces if my nails are too long!

What do you think? Do you like Essie or do you prefer OPI?

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